[Mono-list] Is Mono ready?

Martin Willemoes Hansen mwh@sysrq.dk
Wed, 01 Sep 2004 12:28:04 +0200

tir, 2004-08-31 kl. 23:14 skrev Aaron Bawcom:

> Is there support for 64 bit platforms such as AMD?

Yes, for more information about platforms see:

AMD 64 supported
Zoltan Varga has completed the AMD64 port of the Mono JIT engine and it
is ready for testing. The AMD64 port is the second 64-bit port of Mono,
the first one was the SPARC v9 port. 

The AMD64 port is only available on the Mono development branch at this
point, and you must use CVS to try it out. A packaged release of the
development branch of Mono will be done by the end of August for wider

Martin Willemoes Hansen