[Mono-list] Re: [Mono-hackers-list] Re: Patch for mcs

Gaurav Vaish Gaurav Vaish <gaurav.vaish@gmail.com>
Mon, 1 Nov 2004 00:15:17 +0530

Hi Atushi,

> http://archive.neotonic.com/archive/mono-devel-list/messages/8531?noheader=1

   Thanks for the pointer. I see that you do handle "/**/", setting
"docAppend = true" and then probably that would invoke consuming.

   I am not sure, but probably, unless you have:

 * <summary>This would be handled</summary>

  it would be discarded.

> Actually my patch does handle /** ... */ style documentation. I mean,
> it still does not handle some special formatting such as

  Check my comments above.

>        - handle those special tokenization described above

  Ok. Let me know if I can be of any help.

>        - having raw strings rather than XmlElement (learned
>          from your patch ;-) It would also improve the code
>          tip that Marek suggested

   Well, that's what I am exactly looking for. My way of handling the
documentation would be to gather the comments as raw elements, and
register any warnings only in the end. (I safely assume that it may
suck! ;-)

   But the philosophy behind the whole is that mcsdoc does not
compile. Nor does it give only xml but full html/chm etc. But yes..
that's in advanced times. It's still in infancy.

> But currently I think those improvements might not be so trivial,
> so I was stopping this feature right now as it is.

  Well, not exactly. Although it may not be trivial, but it's also not
tough. The only issue is that you've already started with the XML-only
stylo. :-D

  My aim with mcsdoc is not to just get xml-style docs but the
javadoc-"@" stylos also. :-) I remember, I wrote in one of my mails a
year back, they are cheaper.

  Do we strike a deal somewhere? :-)

Happy Hacking,