[Mono-list] Mono, ARM and .NETCF

Łukasz Piątkowski piontec@poczta.onet.pl
Thu, 28 Oct 2004 10:58:30 +0200

I'm new to this list - hello everybody :)
I'm .net programmer for 1.5 year, now I'm testing mono and I like it 
very much. I'm also developing some software for Pocket PC using MS .NET 
CF. And here are my questions - I couldn't find answers in archives of 
this list:
I would like to write one application and run it both on MS Pocket PC 
and some linux distro for handhelds (ie. on Sharp Zaurus or on iPAQ with 
Familiar). It would be realy nice :). But how does support of ARM look 
like in mono? AFAIK there is now JIT compiler for this platform... I saw 
this page http://amy.udd.htu.se/~malte/mono/, but mono version described 
there is 0.26 and it is using mint to run. How does things changed since 
Another thing - as I suppose, mono on ARM (linux) is the full version of 
mono platform, not like the .NETCF, which is only a subset of full .NET?
And most important thing: how to run mono (especially GTK#) on Pocket PC 
2002/2003? Is there any way to do this? Or maybe I can write and compile 
code using mono (and SWF) and run it on .NETCF (the same binary on 
Thanks in advance for any answers:)

Best regards,
Lukasz Piatkowski