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Dan Maltes dan@astusa.com
Wed, 27 Oct 2004 09:46:59 -0400

I agree, Amanda Morgan actually says in the second paragraph: "Frankly, Mono
is just one example of the level of excitement within the developer
community around .NET. "  That sure doesn't sound like a FUD of Mono to me.
It sounds to me like Amanda is simply saying "we're not involved with Mono,
but they are creating something just like the .NET framework because it's an
exciting platform".   As far as FUD goes, I think people will pull what they
want out of what other people say because they have a bias and it serves
their agenda.  Sociology 101 really.


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I didn't find Microsoft's position to be negative at all.  I agree that ease
of use and standardization is needed on Linux platforms.  Mono provides
exactly that.  I've been programming mostly with Microsoft Visual C# for the
past year or two and I find it fairly easy to learn to program with C# on
Mono.  If I had to use another language, I'd be completely lost.  I'm only
guessing, but Mono could lead to a flood of applications being developed for
Linux platforms which would only increase the attraction to Linux.  I like
Microsoft products because so many people are using them that there's quite
a body of knowledge floating around amongst general users, but I'm not
opposed to competition.  I find Linux to be difficult to work with, but I'm
sure it's only because I'm unfamiliar with it.  Competition is a good thing
for consumers.  I want to thank Microsoft for making C# open source and I
want to thank Novell and all the people who have worked on Mono for giving
us more options instead of less.

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> > Yes this all true but (and possibly only in my reading) the "attempt 
> > by Novell" phrase appears to be trying to give it an entirely 
> > negative connotation.
> I suppose that does have a slightly negative connotation.  More 
> galling to me is that Novell isn't the only entity involved; lots of 
> individuals are also involved, as is Mainsoft (and likely other
>  - Jon
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