[Mono-list] P/Invoke question...

Tom Shelton tom@mtogden.com
Mon, 25 Oct 2004 17:32:56 -0600

Ok...  I have a bit of simple c++ code that is currently residing in a =
dll.  This code is called by a custom data provider for a proprietary
database (this already works on win32, we're just trying to port the
provider over to mono).  I have very little experience in actually =
a shared library and getting it working on Linux.  I have followed a =
of tutorials on line and so far, no luck.  The code compiled just fine =
g++, but I can't seem to install it correctly - since Mono never seems =
to be
able to find it.  Can someone point me to a good resource/tutorial on =
how to
compile/install a shared object file under red hat?  What do I have to =
after that so that mono can find it?

Tom Shelton