[Mono-list] ASP.Net Starter Kits Under Mono

Gianluca Stella me@gianlucastella.it
Fri, 22 Oct 2004 01:13:32 +0200

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good idea.

Gianluca Stella
monoForge Staff
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Subject: [Mono-list] ASP.Net Starter Kits Under Mono

> Has anyone ever experimented with moving the ASP Starter Kits at
> http://www.asp.net/Default.aspx?tabindex=8&tabid=47 to work
> under Mono?  I have a zip file of the TimeTracker that I got
> from installing the .msi and zipping up the dir.  
> If no one has experimented with this I may try it.  Porting it
> to Postgresql or MySQL first.  
> jim
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