[Mono-list] class.c assertion using DBus from mono

Sergio Rubio sergio.rubio@hispalinux.es
Thu, 21 Oct 2004 16:15:37 +0200

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Hi, I'm trying to use dbus from mono and I'm getting this assert:

** ERROR **: file class.c: line 1178 (mono_class_setup_vtable): 
assertion failed: (decl->slot != -1)

This is not the first time I use DBus from mono and I have other mono 
DBus enabled applications working. Attached is a snippet of the code I'm 
If I comment the service.GetObject method call I don't get this assert. 
I'haven't seen anything in bugzilla/google related to this.

Should I fill a bug report? Am I doing something wrong?
Ubuntu Linux.
ibook G3 700.
mono from cvs HEAD stable.


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namespace Foo
  using System;
  using DBus;

  public class Client
    public static void Main(string [] args)
      Connection connection = Bus.GetSessionBus();
      Service service = Service.Get(connection, "org.rubiojr.MonkeyPop");
      NotificationDaemon daemon = (NotificationDaemon) 
      		service.GetObject(typeof(NotificationDaemon), "/org/rubiojr/MonkeyPop/NotificationDaemon");