[Mono-list] localhost vs. ip address

Shawn Vose mono@programmerforrent.com
Thu, 21 Oct 2004 08:20:01 -0400

I came across the same issue. I installed VS and in previous installs I 
never had an issue with firing up asp.net. Try running this at the console:

aspnet_regiis -i

refer to these if you have any more questions


Check out this article

Amrit Kohli wrote:

> Hello,
> I have installed Visual Studio .NET on my Windows 2000 system. When I 
> try to create an ASP.NET Web Service solution for C#, I get the 
> following error message when I try to use the location of 
> Visual Studio .NET has detected that the specified Web server is not 
> running ASP.NET version 1.1. You will be unable to run ASP.NET Web 
> applications or services.
> I don’t get this error when I type in the actual IP address of my 
> server instead of “localhost”. I have successfully installed ASP.NET. 
> What alias could my web server be using if not “localhost”? Is there a 
> way I can set the alias for my web server using IIS?
> Thanks,
> Amrit
> ----
> Amrit Kohli
> amrit@wayne.edu