[Mono-list] Real noob question!

Nick Loeve mono@trickie.org
Wed, 20 Oct 2004 14:03:34 +1000


you code would work ok.

It is funny to start with, but the main method is static, so it isn't 
called as a method on a class instance.

The main method is often very procedural in nature and often has some 
sort of control loop (in a GUI this is hidden in what is called the 
event loop).

I often just make a class with only a main method in it just to 
separate out the program entry point.

On 20/10/2004, at 1:36 PM, Eric Damron wrote:

> Okay, I've been doing everything wrong.  I've been trying to put some 
> of my program logic into the main method of one of my classes and have 
> been fighting it all the way!
> What is the correct way to structure the class that kicks off the 
> whole thing?  Are you really suppose to create an instance of the 
> class within the class itself??
> public class foo
> {
>    int somevariables;
>    AnotherClass   anotherClass   = new AnotherClass();
>    public foo()
>    {
>       // this is a constructor
>    }
>    private foo2()
>    {
>       // this is a method of class foo
>    }
>    static void main()
>    {
>       // here is where I get into trouble
>       foo f = new foo();   // Instanating a class within itself is too 
> wierd!
>    }
> }
> Since everything seems to have to be inside a class, the code that 
> must first execute must also be in a class but how can it execute 
> unless there is an instance of the class?  How can there be an 
> instance of the class if no code can execute???  It's the chicken or 
> the egg problem!
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