[Mono-list] C#/C/OpenGL

Tim Rädisch tim.raedisch@udo.edu
Tue, 19 Oct 2004 10:32:04 +0200

Am Dienstag, 19. Oktober 2004 10:05 schrieb Sirajuddin Maizir:
> As far as I know there is no hardware accelerated OpenGL
> support in mono/C#.

We are developing OpenGL and Cg bindings for Mono.  Currently we had some 
problems to get it run stable under Windows, but so far we had no real 
problems with Mono and Linux.


Because of some stress with the study there was no great development during 
the last weeks; but we definitely intend to go on. Our next two big goals 
  - creating a Control to include GL direct into System.Windows.Forms
  - a buiild system, so that it can be build under Linux with Mono and PNet, 
and Windows with MS.NET, Mono and PNet ... currently we have a great chaos of 
NAnt and Make