[Mono-list] Where is glib-sharp?

Kevin White Kevin White <jedirunner@gmail.com>
Fri, 15 Oct 2004 19:51:11 -0600

I am trying to compile the example from
to learn how to use GTK# and am having a problem.

When I type:
mcs -pkg:gtk-sharp,glib-sharp -r:System.Drawing packer.cs I get errors
that the glib-sharp.pc cannot be found (indeed this does not exist on
my system, though glib-sharp files exist in the gac).

When I type:
mcs -pkg:gtk-sharp -r:System.Drawing,glib-sharp packer.cs I get errors
that it cannot find the assembly 'glib-sharp'.

So how do I properly compile an example such as this?  I really want
to learn gtk# and this site of tutorials has more examples than the
mono site.  I'm used to winforms programming through vs.net, so this
will take some getting used to with mono.

Any help is appreciated.


Kevin White