[Mono-list] Decent IDE for ASP.NET development?

me prestonc@prestoncrawford.com
Tue, 12 Oct 2004 06:19:31 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 11 Oct 2004, Todd Berman wrote:

> > application. The main problem being that in Monodevelop every folder and 
> > file has to be added to the project from the menu.
> Ok, uhm, i dont understand why this is a problem. MonoDevelop cant just
> guess what your files are.

But other IDEs aren't trying to manage their own separate filesystem. 
Eclipse, as an example, is far different. If you're doing web development, 
as I mentioned earlier, you often need to just throw a new directory or 
some images into the same directory as the rest of your projct. Often this 
will be because it's all part of one big CVS checkout, right. Eclipse will 
pickup these filesystem changes and if you do a refresh they're suddenly 
in the project directory. No needing to add them from a window. So, 
frankly, I'm not used to that behavior, nor do I think it's optimal. 
Additionally I've noticed that sometimes if I add a file or folder, if I 
then delete it it will show as deleted, but actually still exist in the 
filesystem. This is odd behavior to me.
> >  You can't just copy 
> > some images or an image directory into a folder. It's meant to deal with 
> > source. 
> As opposed to what? allowing you to add a image file to the project? I
> believe that a) this is possible today b) doesnt serve much of a point.

Well, if you're doing a web development project, having an image as part 
of your project DOES serve much of a point. 

> > And even then it doesn't seem to handle integrating its view of a 
> > project with the filesystem (like Eclipse does, for example).
> Explain exactly what that means, because where I'm sitting (and I use
> MonoDevelop every day for 8 hours a day) it absolutely integrates its
> view of a project with the filesystem.

What I mean is if I copy a directory into my project folder I can't see 
it via MonoDevelop. It's not there. This is different behavior than I'm 
used to with other IDEs.
> MyProjectFolder/src/SomeFolder/SomeOtherFile.cs
> I have this in MonoDevelop:
> MyProject
> > src
>  > SomeFile.cs
>  > SomeFolder
>   > SomeOtherFile.cs
> and on my filesystem I have

Right. Probably because you put them there. But what if you just copied a 
directory into your project folder. Would you be able to see it in 
Monodevelop? I don't in my copy.