[Mono-list] Language Clarification

David P. Donahue ddonahue@ccs.neu.edu
Tue, 12 Oct 2004 12:54:54 -0400

Likely.  I recall that coming up before in my quest.  When you say "by
default" are you implying that there's a way to use other libraries

David P. Donahue

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> Is your Grid sample referencing anything in 
> Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll?  I
> believe VS.NET references this library by default when 
> compiling VB.NET
> projects.
> -Dan 
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> I realize that Mono focuses its development on C# as a whole, but I'm
> wondering something about other languages in general.  I'm no 
> expert on the
> core of .NET, but I was under the impression that one of its 
> features is
> that code from any .NET language, when compiled, becomes a 
> single common
> language for any .NET interpreter (such as Mono) to use.
> That is, if I write something in VB and compile it in Visual 
> Studio, the end
> result is no different (not critically different, anyway) from the end
> result that would be achieved had I used C# or any other .NET 
> language.  Is
> this the case?
> If so, then I'm unclear on a problem that I've been having 
> (and have been
> receiving very help assistance on, thanks to this mailing 
> list) in trying to
> get an ASP .NET web application written in VB to work on Mono.
> I was told of a work-around to get my first test page to 
> work, which was to
> set the page language to C# even though my code-behind was all in VB.
> This worked... for that small test page (which consisted of a 
> button which,
> when pressed, changed a property on a label).  My next test 
> was to use a
> DataGrid and grab a table from a database.  This page is slightly more
> complex as a test, since it has more functions in the 
> code-behind and has
> some VB code in the design of the .aspx file itself.
> The aforementioned work-around doesn't seem to extend this 
> far, as setting
> my page language to C# now results in a vague "object 
> reference not set to
> an instance of an object" error (with no obvious mention of 
> the object in
> question).  And, of course, setting it back to VB results in 
> a "thread was
> being aborted" error that caused the need for the aforementioned
> work-around.
> If my originally mentioned impression of how .NET works is 
> correct, why is
> there a difference between the two at all?  When I compile my 
> "solution" in
> Visual Studio, isn't the resulting .dll in the bin folder 
> contain all that
> Mono needs?  If so, is my method of compilation not accomplishing this
> properly?
> For reference, I am using the following setup:
> Development:
>   Windows XP, .NET Framework 1.1.4322, Visual Studio .NET 2003
> (7.1.3088)
> Production:
>   Slackware 10.0, Linux 2.4.26, Mono 1.1.1 (mod_mono with 
> Apache 1.3.31)
> Regards,
> David P. Donahue
> ddonahue@ccs.neu.edu
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