[Mono-list] mono scripting?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
Mon, 11 Oct 2004 11:17:58 -0400


> But it's possible for the "compiled code" that the CLR is executing to
> be an interpreter, which in turn executes a scripting language.
> Which is what IronPython could do, if it didn't care about
> performance...

The problem is that there is no clear definition for what a "scripting
language" is.  

Technically, anything that is used to extend an application is a
scripting language, and since you can host Mono or the CLR on a process,
anything that can run on the CLR is a scripting language (C# included).

My feeling is that people refer to scripting languages as those that
have some kind of interactive feel to it:  in this case the technical
details about how an interpreter is implemented do not really matter.  

For example, CPython is also a compiler that first generates bytecodes
for its internal representation, and then executes those.  The same can
be said of most scripting languages.

That being said IronPython has an interactive mode, and it can also be
hosted in the CLR ;-)