[Mono-list] Array benchmark

Sijmen Mulder Sijmen Mulder <sjmulder@gmail.com>
Sat, 9 Oct 2004 11:29:21 +0200

On a game development forum, someone asked what method of storing 2D
arrays is faster. On .NET, there are three possibilities:

1. [y*width+x]
2. [x,y]
3. [x][y]

I was wondering too, so I wrote a benchmarker. I attached the source
and the results (as pdf). The results are remarkable!

With all methods with all resolutions, Mono -is- slowest. Until..
maximum optimalization is used. Then the Mono results are about 5
times as good as with Microsoft.NET. Another weird thing is that
normally, method 1 is way faster, but when Mono is used with maximum
optimalization, method 2 is faster. And when the version with a
resolution of a power of two is ran, both method 2 and 3 are faster.
Just take a look at the pdf :)

Could someone explain this odd behaviour? And why the speed difference
between non-optimized and optimized mono is so big? And why such
optimalization is not used by default?


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