[Mono-list] Running ASP.NET on a 3rd party hosting provider

MikeOrb mike2@orb.dreamhost.com
Fri, 8 Oct 2004 09:44:25 -0500

Hi. I've been researching how to run Mono/ASP.NET on my hosting provider. I
could run a server on a non-80 port, but I was hoping to not have such an
"ugly" URL (although I could make a vanity URL for the advertised URL and
have it redirect to the real app).

I saw this post by Gonzalo on June 30 2004:

> You can run xsp and making it listen on a port known to cgi-wrapper.
> Then forward the requests.

I'm not up to speed on cgi-wrapper. Is Gonzalo saying it can be configured
to gateway to a URL on another server? I.e. act like a proxy, with my
private version running at foo.com:8080 or some such and www.foo.com
proxying to the 8080 version?

My ISP is running Apache 1.3.31. Is what I am describing really something
I'll be able to setup w/out system-level changes by my Web host?