[Mono-list] trn.coding.* Newsgroups

Michael J. Ryan tracker1_lists@theroughnecks.com
Thu, 07 Oct 2004 16:50:21 -0700

Sorry for being off-topic, but since this is kinda related, I am posting
this notice.. :)

I've added a number of message areas to my bbs as trn.coding.* and have
several areas of discussion, and am open to more suggestions.

NOTE: to read/post requires an account be setup via telnet to
theroughnecks.net, and your news reader needs to be setup to use
authentication... this is to keep spam out, and good content in.
the telnet server uses ANSI-BBS encoding, IBM437/CP437 DOS Charset.

You should be able to use almost any email program for accessing
the areas on the bbs, via NNTP... the coding areas I added will
all be under trn.coding ...

Except for alt.bbs.* and az.* all the areas via nntp and telnet are
local or private networks, and have almost no spam content, and no
harvesting... relays to alt.bbs.* and az.* newsgroups have the
addressing obscured.

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