[Mono-list] OracleException (ORA-01406) with MONO and old Oracle Datatypes (L ONG, LONG RAW)

Thamerus Theobald tha@adv.magwien.gv.at
Thu, 7 Oct 2004 14:55:02 +0200

Hi everybody!

Currently I am evaluating MONO/ASP.NET and it is doing pretty well so far. Thanks go out to the MONO-Developers! 

Now I try to run a Web-Application that connects to an Oracle Database with pretty old tables containing Oracle-LONG Fields. When accessing these Fields the following OracleException occurs:

	ORA-01406: fetched column value was truncated

As far as I could read in some Oracle-OCI related forums this has something to do with a too small buffer during fetch. (I've never developed using the Oracle Call Interface directly, so I may be wrong.)

So here are my questions:

Are the LONG and LONG RAW datatypes implemented? If not, will they be implemented? Is there anything I should do before ExecuteReader()?

The Oracle Documentation says LONG and LONG RAW are supported by the Client for backward compatibility purposes.

Here is my Configuration:

	Fedora Core 2
	MONO Runtime 1.0.2
	Oracle Instant Client 10.0.2

Thanks in advance.