[Mono-list] Re: Question about Mono installer

Francisco T. Martinez martinf@mfconsulting.com
Mon, 04 Oct 2004 14:01:10 -0500


Back in August I made a blog entry that talks a bit about make utilities 
like nmake and gmake.

Unfortunately, I can't redistribute Microsoft binaries in our installer 
but as you can see there are ways for you to get a hold of make tools 
easily and cheap -- if not free.  :)

Hope this helps


Paul Murphy wrote:

> Hi,
> I am a .NET developer who is curious about Mono.  I would like to 
> develop some code that will work both on .NET and Mono.
> So, I downloaded your Mono GTK# combined installer.  It looks really 
> sharp, and the samples run right off the bat.
> But I am having some problems compiling the examples for myself.  
> There is no 'make' in my path, and I don't really have any previous 
> experience with Mono so I don't know what make program I should be 
> using.  I was kind of surprised that no 'make' was included, there are 
> so many other binaries included in the 'bin' directory!
> I hope you can give me some sort of direction.
> Thanks,
> Paul