[Mono-list] NHibernate 0.3.0 on Mono 1.0.1?

Golo Haas haas@folz.de
Mon, 4 Oct 2004 11:29:16 +0200


> > has anyone succeeded in compiling NHibernate 0.3.0 on Mono 1.0.1? For
> > me, it does not work as described in the HOWTO that can be found on the
> > website of NHibernate.
> The HOWTO suggests it currently requires the .NET framework to build. A 
> quick glance at the nant script also suggests mono is not supported for 
> building yet.  Exactly how much work is required is another question. It 
> might just take some changes in the nant build scripts.

I already took a look at the NAnt file and I commented out the critic
line (215). Then NAnt worked fine, until mcs complained about a missing
namespace in DotNetMock.dll :-(.

> It might be worth asking on the nhibernate list(s).

Any idea how to subscribe to that list? I found the list archiv on
NHibernate's website, but I did not find a possibility to subscribe to
it ...

> I would be interested to hear how you get on because I will be playing 
> with nhibernate myself in the near future.

Yes, of course I can tell you if I find out something new, no problem.

Have a nice day,