[Mono-list] Using Custom Namespaces

tracy Anne tracy_anne_barlow@yahoo.com
Sun, 3 Oct 2004 15:29:32 -0700 (PDT)

I don't like MonoDevelop all that much, it barely
handles forms based projects, and I can't write Web
Applications with it (my big need for developing on
Linux). But that aside.

to add a custom namespace is very similar to VS.NET

Create or Open a project

open the Application treeview and open the node for

select the node References,

Click the the right mouse button and select from the
pop up menu the menu item "Edit Differences"

this will open a form titled "Add References"

To add a reference to one of your own existing

slect the Tab ".NET Assembly"

select the "Browse" Button
 A form titled "Find .NET assembly" will be displayed.

Using the File system navigation on that form navigate
to where you keep the .DLL you compiled when you
compiled the assembly (with the custom namespace) you
wish to reference in your project.

It's that simple.

On Sat, 2004-10-02 at 16:09 -0700, Eric Damron wrote:
> I have created a set of related classes and have
grouped them under a 
> namespace.  How do I use these classes in projects? 
Just including 
> Using "namespace" doesn't work because monodevelop
doesn't know about 
> custom namespace.  Is there someway to register this
new namespace 
> monodevelop?

2 things.

1) Since this is a MonoDevelop question, this should
go on the
MonoDevelop list. (Which is also hosted on

2) If you are using one project, MonoDevelop shouldn't
have any issues
at all. If you have 2 projects in one solution, you
should be able to
add a project reference to the second project. If you
are using 
solutions, you will need to add an Assembly reference
to the second
project. In general, for development, using 2 projects
inside one
solution is your best bet.


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