[Mono-list] Mono hosted webservices and Visual Studio

Morten Krog mk@i3m.dk
Fri, 01 Oct 2004 23:56:01 +0200

Is there any reason why visual studio can't add a web-reference to a
mono hosted webservice? Visual Studio 2003 always finds the service;
allows one to add it to one's visual studio solution and then removes it
again with a "failed to create xml-document".

I've tried this scenario on several windows boxes and it is always the

The microsoft wsdl.exe is perfectly able to generate the code stub, that
allows one use the service. The problem seems to lie in the visual
studio integration.

The service I've written and which shows the above symptoms can be
reached here: http://www.fafner-net.dk/aspnet/service.asmx

/Morten Krog