[Mono-list] re: mod_mono

Daniel Lopez daniel@rawbyte.com
Thu, 25 Nov 2004 15:01:16 -0800

> > So why consider changing the syntax? The entries are completely unique to
> > Linux requiring a new set of commands for a Win32 port. The outcome of using
> > these commands is to control unique processes of mod-mono-server regardless
> > of the host platform. This is our way of controlling groups of
> > MonoApplications/mod-mono-server processes, what I'll refer to as
> > "application pools". A common syntax that supports application pools across
> > multiple platforms seems logical/ideal.
> I still like more the setup I said above. Have you tried running apache
> using the MPM worker thread model? You'll see it failing miserably to
> spawn mod-mono-server because of how apache manages processes.

Yes, this is an issue when spawning CGIs as well. Apache 2 includes a module
mod_cgid that deals with that by spawning a external process which in turn
spawns others in demand. In that case it is better to run XSP on your own,
as you mentioned.

un saludo