[Mono-list] mod_mono

Darren Martz darren@shelbrook.com
Thu, 25 Nov 2004 07:45:47 -0800

> Well, it uses tcp socket, as is the straightforward port from 
> current code.
> And the first thing I wanted to have was mod_mono compiling 
> and working under windows.
> Using named-pipes is a non-trivial implementation as all the 
> code in mod_mono expects apr_socket to be used. Then in order 
> to uses pipes, a mayor rewrite would be needed. And of course 
> mod-mono-server should implement the same logic.
> Of course in the long term is the way to go, but by now I'm 
> focused on having a functional tcp version [1]. Which is 
> better than nothing? :). APR provides all the necessary 
> portable funcions, so that part won't be too hard.

Many people will appreciate the work your doing!! I believe this mod_mono
module will help the long time Windows folks (like myself) transition to
Apache for Windows and later Linux. Some of the companies I have delt with
in the past few years had strong desires to switch to Apache for Windows to
avoid IIS, but it has not been possible. One particilar company was a VERY
large international operation wanting to avoid IIS security issues by moving
to Apache.

As you stated, the ability to use to the module always comes before tweeking
performance. I completely agree it's a non-trivial task. If there is
interest from this or another discussion, perhaps there is a more efficient
long term solution that will work for both Windows and Linux... Perhaps
pipes, perhaps shared memory... But later, once the Windows port has time to
seed with people :-)