[Mono-list] C#/Mono Serial port communication

Jon-Eirik Pettersen lists@jonepet.net
Wed, 24 Nov 2004 14:43:22 +0100

Marcus wrote:
> I'm not sure if Mono provides its own version of such a class. It appears 
> that .NET 2.0 will add a System.IO.Ports namespace to provide support for 
> serial ports. I do not see such a namespace in current SVN (subversion) for 
> Mono. If there is not yet a working version, it might be a nice idea for 
> someone to stack on it.
> On Tuesday 23 November 2004 8:01 pm, Jon-Eirik Pettersen wrote:
>>Is it possible to open a commuication to a serial port using
>>/dev/rcomm0? This application do not need to run on other systems than

Anyone knows if there is a way to open the device (/dev/rfcomm0) 
directly using some file-IO-functions without using the 
.NET-class-library to do ut?