[Mono-list] GDI+ problems on 1.0.4

Ravindra Kumar rkumar@novell.com
Wed, 24 Nov 2004 02:54:34 -0700

Thanks Peter, for clarifying this for me.
Here are some more points I'd like to add to answer
Dilton's queries.

>>> "Peter Dennis Bartok" <peter@novonyx.com> 11/24/04 4:48 AM >>>

>>>>>> Dilton McGowan II <diltonm@yahoo.com> 11/24/04 2:59 AM >>>
>>What are SVN and HEAD? Are these CVS terms? I'm not
>>trying to fix this *yet* as much as I'm trying to
>>determine what is broken.
>So is Ravindra. He's trying to narrow down changes to the
>code to determine what could be broken.

I hope you had a look at my subsequent mail too.
I had requested you to try libgdiplus from mono-1-0
branch. Basically, we have two separate branches on
SVN (earlier we had CVS), mono-1-0 and HEAD. HEAD
means the latest code available. We are maintaining
mono-1-0 separately to fix the bugs of 1.0 release.
Now, the code you sent in your mails works fine here
for me, that means HEAD is working fine for me. I don't
have mono-1.0.4 installed, so I just suggested you to try
using the latest libgdiplus from mono-1-0 branch or HEAD.
mono-1.0.4 was released from mono-1-0 branch.
FYI, we checkin the bug fixes in HEAD as well as mono-1-0,
so there are chances that the bug you are hitting might
have been fixed already. As you can see, it does not
appear on my machine with HEAD.
By doing what I suggested, you would have helped me in
knowing, whether bug has been fixed already or not ?

>> Is there any specific reason for you to use
>>libgdiplus and System.Drawing from 1.0.4 release ?
>Uhm..yes, it's RELEASE'D, isn't it?
>I believe the intent of the question to figure out if you could be
helped by 
>simply switching to a newer version which does not appear to have the

>problem/bug you are running into. In order to find that out he has to
>whether there is a 'specific' reason.

Well, there are two ways to look at any bug, either I make a
setup similar to yours or you make a setup similar to what I
can have here easily and then we try to reproduce the bug.

Actually, I asked this Q just to know, if it would be possible
for you to try out things from SVN. Some people are very
particular about changing their setup and do not want to
touch it. In that case, I would need to create a similar setup
to reproduce the bug.

>>Are you supporting or refuting my potential assertion
>>that GDI *may* be broken in 1.0.4 RELEASE, not cvs
>>yesterday, today or 1:00 AM tomorrow morning...but,
>>RELEASE. I am trying to determine if I should log a
>>bug against Mono 1.0.4 RELEASE so at least, everyone
>>using and depending on 1.0.4 RELEASE will know that it
>>is flawed and they may have to go back to an earlier
>>RELEASE'D version of Mono or wait for a future
>As Ravindra pointed out, a future RELEASE may not expose/have the
>anymore, it may already be fixed since he could not reproduce. Which
is why 
>he asked you to try a newer version from svn to confirm or refute

I'm not at all refuting your pointing. I just want to make sure,
if this bug is still there with the code that we have on SVN
right now ? If yes, we would love to fix it.
Please keep in mind, that your code works for me with HEAD
version. I tested it before replying to your mail. Since, we
checkin the bug fixes to HEAD as well as mono-1-0 branch,
there is high probability that this must have been fixed
already, may be after 1.0.4 release was done. Otherwise,
HEAD version would have failed for me.

Well, if you don't want to try out what I suggested, please
file a bug, we would look into it.