[Mono-list] GDI+ problems on 1.0.4

Peter Dennis Bartok peter@novonyx.com
Tue, 23 Nov 2004 16:18:53 -0700

>What are SVN and HEAD? Are these CVS terms? I'm not
>trying to fix this *yet* as much as I'm trying to
>determine what is broken.
So is Ravindra. He's trying to narrow down changes to the code to determine 
what could be broken.

SVN is the source code control system that Mono is using. It's commands are 
comparable to CVS, but it is not CVS. HEAD is the term for the very latest 
checked in version in the SVN repository. You can simply retrieve the latest 
source code for gdi by issuing the following command:
svn co svn://mono.myrealbox.com/source/trunk/libgdiplus

This assumes that you have the svn client installed.

>>> Is there any
>> specific reason
>> for you to use libgdiplus and System.Drawing from
>> 1.0.4 release ?
>Uhm..yes, it's RELEASE'D, isn't it?
I believe the intent of the question to figure out if you could be helped by 
simply switching to a newer version which does not appear to have the 
problem/bug you are running into. In order to find that out he has to ask 
whether there is a 'specific' reason.

>Are you supporting or refuting my potential assertion
>that GDI *may* be broken in 1.0.4 RELEASE, not cvs
>yesterday, today or 1:00 AM tomorrow morning...but,
>RELEASE. I am trying to determine if I should log a
>bug against Mono 1.0.4 RELEASE so at least, everyone
>using and depending on 1.0.4 RELEASE will know that it
>is flawed and they may have to go back to an earlier
>RELEASE'D version of Mono or wait for a future
As Ravindra pointed out, a future RELEASE may not expose/have the problem 
anymore, it may already be fixed since he could not reproduce. Which is why 
he asked you to try a newer version from svn to confirm or refute those