[Mono-list] mon_mono howto guide?

Darren Martz darren@shelbrook.com
Wed, 17 Nov 2004 08:40:12 -0800

>From Google on "mod_mono"

1) The apacheworld.org link shows a page last updated in May 2003 mentioning
version 0.3.7 (it points to mono's site)
2) The go-mono.com link only mentions xsp and mod_mono with an old download
link (it points to apacheworld.org site)

All other links refer to version 0.3.xx or talk about how things are either
different or changing for 1.xx. Most links are from forum messages solving
specific problems.

Some links state mod_mono can only host one application, but I believe that
has changed. Others hint there is a trick to getting vhosts and mod_mono
working, but its unclear as to how. Many people seem to get stuck trying to
get the test pages up and running citing a variety of issues.

This is likely the most complex part of mono today. That is certainly a
compliment to the team's efforts on the packaging.

My point here is that mod_mono does not appear to be documented with recent
information, and it has changed from version 0.3.x to 1.0.x... I think...
But I don't know how or what.

Again, maybe I overlooked some file somewhere that talks about this.

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I guy, try now the search whit "mod_mono".