[Mono-list] assertion g_utf8_validate failed

Mario Fuentes mario@gnome.cl
Fri, 12 Nov 2004 00:50:10 -0300

El jue, 11-11-2004 a las 18:53 -0500, Jonathan Pryor escribiรณ:
> Can you elaborate on "some machine"?  Does it work occasionally and fail
> occasionally on the same machine?  Or does it always work on one machine
> and fail on another?  Are you trying this on Windows?  Is Windows the
> only platform that's failing?
All machines are GNU/Linux (Debian).  I'm confused about how to use
Gdk.Threads.[Enter|Leave](), occasionally the GUI is freezed.
> Additional information would be helpful.
> Thanks,
>  - Jon
Mario Fuentes