[Mono-list] Gtk# 1.9.0 released

Mike Kestner mkestner@ximian.com
Tue, 09 Nov 2004 17:16:19 -0600

Announcing release 1.9.0 of Gtk#.  This is an unstable development
release for the GNOME 2.6 bindings.  It is parallel installable with the
latest stable release, 1.0.4.

Tarball and RPMs for FC2 and NLD available for immediate download from:


About Gtk#: 
Gtk# is a .Net language binding for the Gtk+ Graphical User Interface
toolkit and several GNOME platform libraries. The GNOME 2.6 platform is
currently targeted.

Substantial credit for this release belongs to Jeroen ZwartePoorte, who
managed the 2.4 bindings branch including merging of stable branch fixes
for the past several months. My apologies in advance for any missing
attributions in the following.   

Changes since 1.0.4:
* Bindings for Gtk+-2.4 and Gnome-2.6: (Jeroen Zwartepoorte)
* Preliminary support for Gnome.Vfs: (Jeroen Zwartepoorte)
* PanelApplet bindings: (Todd Berman)
* Gtk.Container child properties: (Dan Winship)
* Additional API customizations and Corrections: (Todd Berman, John
* Bugfixes (Todd Berman, John Luke, Dan Winship, MK)

Discussion of Gtk# occurs on the mailing list at
gtk-sharp-list@lists.ximian.com.  Bugs can be reported to
http://bugzilla.ximian.com, module gtk#. Check the Gtk# homepage for
additional info at http://gtk-sharp.sf.net.

Mike Kestner <mkestner@ximian.com>