[Mono-list] Newbie question: GUI choice

l0ne l0ne@email.it
Wed, 10 Nov 2004 08:33:24 +0100

Il giorno 09/nov/04, alle 23:30, mono-list-request@lists.ximian.com ha 

> I don't think using Windows.Forms will work. Unless I am wrong, mono is
> the only (or the only major) .NET-compatible CLI for the PowerPC 
> platform.
> However, mono implements Windows.Forms through winelib, which is 
> entirely
> dependent upon the x86 platform. Thus, Windows.Forms code is not 
> portable
> to PowerPC through mono.

Ahem. Don't forget DotGNU, whose Portable.NET works on Mac/PPC and has 
a working, non-depending-on-winelib Windows.Forms implementation (that 
has its fair share of problems: requires X11 and is incomplete AFAIK, 
implementing only part of .NET 1.0's WinForms behaviour).

I'd be intriguing (if I manage to find some time) to try something with 
Managed WinForms+Cocoa#...

  - e. "l0ne" v.

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