[Mono-list] Diffing library, XML website pipeline, XML.com

Joshua Tauberer tauberer@for.net
Sat, 06 Nov 2004 07:18:27 -0500

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
  > How did you produce those beautiful documentation web pages, and most
> importantly, can we get some of that love into our monodoc web fašade?

It's the same as when I generate the offline class library docs -- 
monodocer and monodocs2html in /monodocs/tools.  And I use monodoc with 
--local-edit to edit the doc files.

I really need to simplify the interfaces to those tools, though....

If I can get the monodoc web system running locally, I'll see what I can 
do.  It just needs some CSS stylesheet love.  (I'm having a Bush moment, 
if you get the reference.)

- Joshua Tauberer


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