[Mono-list] Custom attributes metadata problem

Carlo Kok ck@carlo-kok.com
Fri, 05 Nov 2004 14:43:32 +0100

I've managed to create an assembly (using PERWAPI) that contains an 
attribute on a field that shows up on monodis and reflector but doesn't 
show up when using the mono reflection classes nor does it work on 
microsoft .net but I have no clue on where to look on why this strange 
behaviour happens. anyone with experience on CIL metadata that can help 
me out on this?

When decompiling in ms ildasm, it shows up as:
.custom (UNKNOWN_OWNER) instance void TestNUnitChrome.x::.ctor() = ( 01 
00 00 00 )
.custom (UNKNOWN_OWNER) instance void 
[mscorlib]System.ObsoleteAttribute::.ctor() = ( 01 00 00 00 )
which is different from normally where it's after the field def.
in reflector it's there. Monodis also shows it fine. When running the 
executable it tries to use reflection to find the attributes, but cannot 
find it.

I've uploaded a zip file with the exe and .il files to:

anyone that can help me with this?

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Carlo Kok