[Mono-list] Re: [Mono-hackers-list] Re: Patch for mcs

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
Thu, 04 Nov 2004 10:57:50 -0500


> >    It gave me a tough time patching new mcs-2.0 for my mcsdoc.
> > Tomorrow, I may have another mcs-3.0 and all that pain. So, I just
> > needed raw doc/comments.
> Ok, thanks I understood the development situation. I still cannot
> understand why your patch must be checked in right now.

Like Atsushi pointed out: there is no need to check in this code
immediately (and am still not convinced we should).

As an example, the generics compiler has been developed on a separate
directory for almost a year, and we have to integrate patches every day.
The anonymous method code lived only on my hard drive as a copy of the
repository for six months, and I had to go through the same problems.

I do not like the idea of checking work-in-progress code to the
compiler, because that code tends to be bit rot if the work is not