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Wed, 3 Nov 2004 14:44:19 +0000

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In message <4187CEFA.8040803@oxyware.com>, Hubert Matthews 
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>Andy Leighton wrote:
>> I've been wondering how applicable something like Ward Cunningham's Signature
>> Survey would be.  His initial work was with Java source, but I wonder if
>> anyone has taken his ideas and adapted them for C or C++.
>Quite a bit of work has been done on presenting programs in a way that 
>aids comprehension.  One very interesting book I have on this is "Human 
>Factors and Typography for More Readable Programs" by RM Baecker and A 
>Marcus.  I haven't been able to find an online copy of this but I did 
>find a web page that shows some output from a tool based on their ideas:
>Take a look at some of the images at the bottom of the page for a 
>better idea of what Baecker and Marcus were up to:

Hmm, just looks inconsistent and messy to me :-( I suppose I could grow 
used to it in time... but doesn't that at least in part defeat the 
objective of the tool? It's typographic madness like this that has me 
reaching for plain, black-on-white Courier views of code!


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