[Mono-list] Packages and Installers updated

Duncan Mak duncan@ximian.com
Thu, 04 Nov 2004 00:35:34 -0500

Hello all,

The download pages have been updated. If you had trouble downloading
packages before, please try again.

Specifically, we fixed:

o All the 1.0.4 download pages for Linux RPMs

o Removed erroneous links to Cairo / LibPixman in the 1.1.2 pages

o Updated the link to the Windows installer

Zip Files:

With version 1.0.4 and 1.1.2, we have greatly consolidated the our
package set. From the previous 25+ packages, we have now a little over a
dozen packages. We hope that this means there is now less of a need to
provide a zip file [1].

Depending on feedback, we may bring back the Zip file.


The YUM repositories are also updated. There was a separate e-mail sent
about this. You can find more info at:


Red Carpet:

On the Red Carpet front, things got to be a mess last night and we are
nearly done with making it all clean again. 

Right now, from the 'mono' channel, you'll be able to find the same
1.0.4 packages as listed on the web pages. A new public channel,
mono-1.1 is created with the new 1.1.2 RPMs.

If you are having problems seeing the new packages, please try "rug
refresh". If this problem persists, please report to the mailing list.

The only known problem now is the presence of old, deprecated packages
from previous releases in the 'mono' RC channel. This may mean that the
--entire-channel flag may not work properly. We are in the process of
further cleaning up the 'mono' channel to remove the old cruft.

If you see any problems, please fill a bug on bugzilla.ximian.com and
assign it to me. We're trying to get this all sorted out by the end of
the week.
Thanks for your patience,

[1] From the 1.0.2 release on, we have also received numerous complaints
about the growing size of the mono-all.zip file. Many wrote that
mono-all.zip includes too much packages (esp. with the inclusion of
mod-mono for people unwilling to install Apache) or that does not
include enough packages (due to missing dependences for libgtkhtml).

Duncan Mak <duncan@ximian.com>