[Mono-list] Sharing Web.config among webapps/services

Mariano Alarcon marianoa@itcsoluciones.com
Tue, 02 Nov 2004 13:50:13 -0300


Is it posible to set up xsp/mod_mono so they can share the same 
Web.config file? So far I have been able to make this happen but it 
requires that I move all the codebehind binaries to the main directory. 
For example I tried:

  +- Web.config (to be shared by WebApp1 and WebApp2)
  +- WebApp1
  |  |
  |  +- WebApp1.asmx
  |  |
  |  +- bin
  |     |
  |     +- WebApp1.dll
  +- WebApp2
     +- WebApp2.asmx
     +- bin
        + WebApp2.dll

With this configuration if I point my xsp to MainDir I get the following:

Server error in '/' application

Type WebApp.WebApp1 not found.
Description: Error processing request.

Error Message: HTTP 500. Type WebApp.WebApp1 not found.

Starting two xsps at /WebApp1 and /WebApp2 deals with the error but I do not get the common settings in Web.config. It also works if I move WebApp1.dll and WebApp2.dll to a /bin directory under MainDir but I was hoping I could keep the structure like the example above.

Is this possible?