[Mono-list] Re: [Mono-hackers-list] Re: Patch for mcs

Gaurav Vaish Gaurav Vaish <gaurav.vaish@gmail.com>
Tue, 2 Nov 2004 13:26:45 +0530

> So is this a different file format?

  No. Not a different file-format at all. It is just a different way
of manipulating the comments.

> In general, I do not think that having documentation inlined in the
> source code is a good idea, I have outlined that in the past, and that
> is why we are using a separate set of documents in Monodoc.

  I do remember this. This is where we started with monodoc. Let it be
as it is. No touching there.

> But in this world of imperfections we need to support all of that source
> code that has been produced with inline documentation with the Microsoft
> format.

   And that's where I want to push mcsdoc. Not only it will be able
generate the XML file as with the "/doc" switch, but also has a
doc-engine where I intend to provide the full features as of the
javadoc's Doclet and Taglet framework.

> I would love if we could transform those C# docs into ECMA XML docs for
> one.

   That can be simply implemented as another Doclet (provider) which
the mcsdoc can make use of. So, you have a simple plug-n-play for your
custom doc-generator.

   The mcsdoc can provide you (the Doclet) with raw documentation (and
hence my hunger for string and not XMLElement). The default provider
simply outputs to html files or optionally to a chm file.

   However, you are (read: anybody is) open to add another provider to
convert them to ECMA XML docs.

> Are you planning a new format?  My bat sense is that this might not be a
> great idea.

  No. Not at all. I'm not good in creating new formats, specially, if
it's file-format. :-D

Gaurav Vaish