[Mono-list] DirectX 9

Sijmen Mulder Sijmen Mulder <sjmulder@gmail.com>
Mon, 1 Nov 2004 18:05:35 +0100

Hi there,

I've recently been running around the game programming on .NET scene,
which does interrest me to a great extend. As you might have noticed
from the title, this post is about DirectX 9. As some of you might
know, I have had plans to re-implement DirectX 9, or parts of it, on
Linux/Mono - which proved impossible for me at that time. So then I
started working on ManagedGL.

ManagedGL has learned me quite a few things about wrapping and such.
After seeing the rise of Tao, and learning more and more about Windows
Forms (which has tight connections to DirectX 9), I thought I could
give a new try - only the graphics and input parts.

Here are my plans:
 - Take Tao.OpenGL as back-end binding;
 - Use native Win32 code to setup an OpenGL context on SWF controls;
 - Add support for an SDL provided OpenGL context beneath Direct3D, so
Direct3D can be used on Linux to without too much overhead;
- Not a slow and planning aproach. I'll take one saturday or another
free day to start up and write as much of the basic implementation as
- Use many libraries if possible to take work out of my hands.

Yeah, I know it's abitious, and I might not even come to the point to
start, but I just wanted to get some comments on the idea.


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Sijmen Mulder