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Daniel Morgan danielmorgan@verizon.net
Sun, 30 May 2004 14:31:37 -0400

I would go to Mono's download page and look for the Mono release you


Look for XSP and mod_mono tarballs that go along with that release.  You
will have to build Mod_mono and xsp yourself.

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Hello... I just joined this list, and thought I'd write a brief intro
message.  Apologies in advance if this is out of line. (I couldn't
locate a "list charter")

I'm interested in C# and ASP.NET out of technical curiousity / hacking
instinct and also out of desire to keep abreast of technology for the
sake of my career.  Since I will not likely be able to use .NET in my
job in the near future, my plan is to use it instead for development on
a web site I manage on a volunteer basis for a non-profit organization.

I am hosting the site through "linode.com" which provides me with a
Linux VPS (virtual private server), which I'm finding quite exciting
since it gives me full control (root access) of my "virtual server" at
quite a low cost to the organization.  The organization also gives me
pretty much a free hand in how I develop the site (one of the advantages
of working for free :). I have Debian/woody and apache running on my
server (although other distros are possible if I would want to rebuild
the server).

So I figure Mono is the perfect match between my .NET learning goals and
my hosting situation.  Since I have root access I can install whatever I
want, so why not use "mod-mono" for my server-based processing needs?
As of now, my site sticks with straight HTML, although there are
definite possibilities for going further.

So far I have installed mono using the stable (woody) debian package at
http://www.debianplanet.org/mono and succussfully compiled and run a
"hello world" console program (yay!).  However, I have not yet figured
out how to
install the apache module "mod-mono" for "woody".   (It does not seem to
available at debianplanet).

I'd appreciate any assistance on installing mod-mono, as well as any
general comments and suggestions regarding my plans, including links to
introductory resources such as Howtos and tutorials.

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