[Mono-list] Windows .NET application

Peter Dennis Bartok peter@novonyx.com
Sat, 29 May 2004 09:31:40 -0600

Maybe the application you're trying to run is a native app and just some
components are .Net. You'd get the 'cannot open assembly' error if the .Exe
was not managed code.


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From: "Martin Greig" <mg.public@dsl.pipex.com>
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Date: Saturday, 29 May, 2004 08:27
Subject: [Mono-list] Windows .NET application

>Hi, I've scoured the documentation but can't seem to find the answer to
>this one.  I'm not even sure if it's a Mono or a Wine question, but here
>All my other necessary Windows apps work fine with Crossover Office, but I
>have this one must-have app that won't install; or at least, it tries to
>install .NET Framework V1.1, and fails.  This seems to be standard
>experience with CX Office and .NET.  So, I wonder if Mono is the way
>forward -- but how?
>If I try "mono setup.EXE" I get "cannot open assembly setup.EXE", and if I
>try the same "mono app.exe" in the program's directory of my Windows
>partition I get the same error.  Is there some special installation trick
>needed?  Or some special combination of Wine and Mono?  Or is Mono just
>not ready for this yet?  As a non-programming relative newbie most of the
>Mono documentation is way beyond me.
>Martin Greig
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