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Black Fox black-fox@virtualblackfox.net
Thu, 27 May 2004 09:24:34 +0200

> I know that the real solution is for the vm engines to allow the code t=
> deployed pre-compiled. But they do not allow that because of safety rea=
> Besides its a war against closed source, but I personally wouldn't mind=
> company makes everything opensource.

Pre-compiled things is a big regression from VMs. And=20
reverse-engeenering is also possible with compiled code, just harder.

> The question, is how would it make money? We would have to develop for =
> How could we compete with companys that download our own code for free?=

> Besides that would make us very vulnerable to software pattents.

> Its very fun to talk about opensource when you have lots of money to de=
> and then make the same prices as your competition. If you do that, of c=
> the clients will want you because you did it, but if you can't you are
> simply doomed.
> I know that I'm going to get very unpopular in the open source comunity=
> this, but leaving the hate asside, you know that open source gets their=

> money from somewere as does comercial software, you might have your ene=
> but, they aren't all the companies who produce comercial software, as s=
> of they also help open source.
> If you get me the money, I'll give you some very nice open source thing=
> that we are developing, but the thing is you don't.
> The solution for the moment is to have critical code on our servers onl=
> Besides Obfuscation only works when you are up against a SME, even if y=
> are up agains a hacker, he will reverse it, he will start from the
> dependecies and eat the code all the way with a simple dependecy graph,=

> everybody knows it, but the companies believes obfuscation protects the=
> I know the evil company is planning on a secure execution enverionment =
> would protected software and company, yup that would be just a another
> DVD/IPod contest. As nothing can stop a guy with to much time on their
> hands.
> I guess that the only real solution is to pre-compile the code, for eve=
> plataform you plan on deploying, but neither mono or ms allow that. You=

> still have to feed the assembly.
> I know assembly code isn't safer too, yes its true, but the cost of
> disassembling it is most of the times more, than the cost of buying or
> redoing it.
> Chears...
> Jos=E9 Faria
>>There is of course commercial .NET and Java software to consider. For
>>commercial software to be viable, there must be some restriction on use=

>>a paper license agreement. In these cases, the Xheo option (for Windows=
) or
>>FlexLM work quite well. While in the end they really just keep honest
> people
>>honest, it is solid piece of mind that your commercial product isn't go=
>>be distributed ad hoc all over the world.
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