[Mono-list] Custom marshaler lookup regression?

Patrick Hartling patrick@vrac.iastate.edu
Wed, 26 May 2004 21:16:57 -0500

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The problems I reported two days ago with incorrect values being passed
into unmanaged code from custom marshalers have been fixed in CVS, but
now I have run up against something that feels very familiar.  Four
months ago, I reported a problem in Mono 0.29 with inter-assembly
lookups of custom marshalers associated with delegates:


This was fixed in Mono 0.30.  However, with today's 0.92 snapshot
(mono-0.92.20040526), I am having *exactly* the same problems I did back
in January.  Essentially, my custom marshalers are not being found if
they are not all in the same assembly.  Is this a regression in Mono, or
am I doing something wrong?  I have recompiled everything I am using
with the runtime from today's snapshot.


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