[Mono-list] Component services

A Rafael D Teixeira rafael.teixeirabr@terra.com.br
Wed, 26 May 2004 10:59:49 -0300

On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 10:09, KiOrKY wrote:
> Hi
> I ask myself about:
> How do the component services work in mono?
> where can we give the parameters?
> Regards

Hi Kiorky,

IMPORTANT: It would help a lot if you could write COMPLETE questions.
Deciphering your intentions is hard.

Component Services are provided by COM+ in windows, and tie with .NET
with the help of the classes in System.EnterpriseServices namespace. We
don't have such a beast as a COM+ infraestructure in Linux, so Mono does
implement very little of what is in the System.EnterpriseServices
namespace. Try alternative approaches to develop your applications (COM+
is also being abandoned in favor of Longhorn's Indigo, even by

What parameters are you refering to? Most things in .NET around
Component Services is just dealt by tagging classes with specific
Attributes, so that the com-wrappers that System.EnterpriseServices put
in place expose the correct COM face to the COM+ container. Don't even
try that with Mono, we won't implement COM Wrappers, period.

Hope it clarifies a bit,

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