[Mono-list] ByteFX.Data broken in Beta1?

Artur Brodowski bzdurqa@wp.pl
Tue, 25 May 2004 14:41:39 +0200

W li¶cie z wto, 25-05-2004, godz. 07:27 -0500, Reggie napisał:
> 0.76 is the latest and has been given to the gang for inclusion in the
> next release.  There were *MANY* bug fixes between 0.75 and 0.76 so you
> should definitely try the new one.  

Yes, I know that, but there's no such file ByteFX.Data.dll in latest
release (ByteFX.MySqlClient.76.NI.zip).
There's only ByteFX.MySqlClient.dll and when I try to use it I get
really stange errors:

$ ls /usr/lib/mono/1.0/ByteFX.MySqlClient.dll

$ mcs -r:System.Data -r:ByteFX.MySqlClient foo.cs
Compilation succeeded

$ ./foo.exe
** (./foo.exe:2167): WARNING **: Could not find assembly
ByteFX.MySqlClient, references
from /home/bzd/Desktop/Devel/search/./foo.exe (assemblyref_index=1)
     Major/Minor: 0,7
     Build:       6,15073
     Token:       f2fef6fed1732fc1
Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: A null value was
found where an object instance was required.

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