[Mono-list] getting started

Darren Crotchett alias2@crotchett.com
Mon, 24 May 2004 22:23:07 -0500

On Monday 24 May 2004 06:41 pm, Adam Jacob wrote:

> For future reference, the "right" thing to do here would be to take the
> experiences your having right now trying to get mono to work for you,
> and writing them down.  Use that as a starting point for a better
> installation process, and submit that back to the project.  Take a stab
> at using what you learn to rebuild the documents you refer to above.
> You get what you give, my friend. :)

I was trying to offer constructive criticism and maybe generate some 
discussion that might lead to an improvement to the website.  At this point, 
this is all I have to offer.  I took into consideration that it was very 
possible that the people in charge of the website may not be aware that the 
website lacks focus.  Therefore, I was just trying to bring the problem to 
their attention.  

> For what it's worth, the final part of your rant is easily resolved: try
> installing the dependencies.  Or use a utility like apt, yum, or Red
> Carpet to resolve them for you automatically.

I am using Mandrake 10 right now.  I've heard of Red Carpet.  But, I haven't 
ever used it.  I'll take a look at it.  But, this begs the question, "If Red 
Carpet is the preferred way to install Mono, why isn't there a big fat link 
saying 'Start Here if you want to try Mono' on the front of the mono home 
page pointing to the Red Carpet tools with directions on how to install 

> I hear you.  Probably not in the same message as a request for aid, but
> hey, to each their own.

This is true.

> Adam