[Mono-list] Xheo License Management

Ed Stewart estewart@vni.com
Mon, 24 May 2004 15:20:34 -0600


> Do you know which calls? Are they calls to documented APIs? 
> If you have wine it still might work.
> Peter

I don't know what calls they're using, but I do have WINE. The errors I'm
getting seem to be exceptions being thrown from license management methods
looking for a public key signature. But the plsk file it's complaining about
in there (verified with ildasm).

But I'm not sure if things are working okay and it's just the license file
cannot be located, or if there's something more serious wrong. I'll admit
not familiar with WINE from a programming standpoint -- is there a way to
the Windows registry? One can set the default location for license files
HKLM\HKCU\Software\Xheo\something. If I could somehow set that path to
/usr/local/licenses, then I could write off the license file location and
if there are different errors.