[Mono-list] Xheo License Management

Ed Stewart estewart@vni.com
Mon, 24 May 2004 14:02:55 -0600

> I'm trying to use an assembly that is licensed managed by 
> Xheo. I've been able to compile a simple test application 
> with mcs, and I have a valid temporary key in the local 
> directory. However, when I try to run the test, the license 
> manager throws an exception because it cannot find a valid 
> license. I have also tried to embed the license in my 
> executable using -resource:runtime.lic as suggested on the 
> Xheo website, but this didn't help.

FYI, I've touched base with Xheo's support staff. They use P/Invoke to make
native Win32 API calls in enforcing the licenses. So it's not going to work
under Mono.