[Mono-list] Monodevelop question

Mark Gimelfarb mark@dawebber.com
Sat, 22 May 2004 18:10:38 -0500

I have a MonoDevelop question, and if it happens to be OT, please let me know 
and I will re-address it to one of the MD lists.

I have Monodevelop 0.3 running and was able to put together an SWF app under 
MDK which consumes a web service running under Apache/mod_mono. The app works 
well, apart from some font uglyness which I fixed in wine config. So all my 
windoze-programming colleagues are in awe :) They think that they are ready to 
move their windows apps over tomorrow ( I wish). So thank you, MD, SWF and 
WebServices teams, great job!!!!

The issue was then I was getting MD installed. It turns out that MD requires 
xterm to be on the machine, because that's what gets called when I hit 
the "execute" button on the MD main menu.

While Mandrake installed xterm always in the XFree86-contrib package, they 
stopped doing it in 9.2 and are not shipping xterm in 10.0 at all, in favor of 
kvt/konsole, gnome-terminal and rxvt. So, I couldn't get MD to execute any of 
my freshly built executables. The error I was getting was non-descriptive, so 
until I started grepping through the source code, I had no idea what the 
problem was.

Isn't there a way to use gconf-shap (which ships with gtk-sharp) to figure out 
which application is set up to be the default terminal app, and use it, instead 
of xterm?

Just a question/wish list entry.