[Mono-list] Is it Mono safe?

Dan dan@astusa.com
Fri, 21 May 2004 11:03:26 -0400

I agree completely with Rob.  Unless your someone with intimate knowledge in
patent law and it's legal history, then any presupposition of what Microsoft
"can" or "will" or "might" do is complete speculation.  If your fears tell
you to play it safe, then fine, stay away from mono, otherwise, like Rob
Tillie said "..let's start coding again..".  Uh, not that anyone really
stopped. ;-)


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Gabor wrote:
> i know novell is doing a research on the licensing/whatever issues 
> with dotNet.

> imho it would be much better to respond to these threads with a single 
> "wait for the results of the legal review" line, and not entering 
> discussions, where the mono/novell people's only arguments are their 
> beliefs and calculations about microsofts future moves.

I would even go further, why the hell are we "developers" discussing this?
When working in a firm, this is something the legal department has to do. We
do not know anything about this, because we are developers, not lawyers. So,
as we know nothing about legal issues, why are we over and over again
discussing these? 

Living in the Netherlands (EU), I just cannot comprehend all the time that
is put into these discussions. 

No offense to anyone, but plz let's start coding again and leave these
discussions to people who get paid to do these.

-- Rob.
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